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Based on 188 reviews
  1. Eric provins

    Very good cheese

    Block PartyBlock Party

  2. Bo (store manager)

    Our Sharp as Sh*t 5 pounder arrived just a few minutes ago. After cracking it open and sampling a few bites, both my wife and myself agreed that it’s the sharpest cheddar we’ve had in our 148 years (combined of course) on planet earth. Worried now that it’s not going to last as long as I thought!

    Wicked WhiteWicked White

  3. Robert Bishop (store manager)

    It’s not as sharp as I anticipated, but it is still terrific. I did a taste test with Big Cheese, 7 Year Old Quebec Cheddar, and Cabots Seriously Sharp. The Quebec was the sharpest and the driest, with an almost Parmesan taste to it. The Cabot had almost no flavor at all in comparison. The Big Cheese was really tangy and awfully smooth with a great cheddar taste. Loved it and will definitively be buying more.

    Wicked WhiteWicked White

  4. Sam Bishop (store manager)

    Not sure what I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be this good. Great cheddar flavor and creamy consistency. I thought 2.5 lbs would be too much for us but I doubt it’ll last long. Thanks!!!!

    Wicked WhiteWicked White

  5. Abbott Knowles

    Enjoyed the 12 year old and loved the 13 year old. Shared some with a neighbor. They will be ordering it also. Looking forward to the 14 year old when it us available.
    Still looking to find a cheese like we used to get in the 1950s. That one made my ears itch. It was a Wisconsin cheddar in a large wheel sold to Independent grocers and shipped to my Grandfather’s store in Connecticut

    Wicked WhiteWicked White

Only one way to know if it’s as gouda as they say!

Our aged Wisconsin cheddar cheeses are exquisitely sharp and perfectly creamy, with a hint of salt. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy cheese and cheese does trigger dopamine production in your brain.

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