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  1. The best cheddar cheese in the world.

  2. There’s no cheese like BIG CHEESE! The only thing better is the gift of BIG CHEESE. Give some today! No reason needed other than making someone happy by spreading pure PLH. Peace, Love & Happiness! GUARANTEED!

  3. The best popcorn ever!!!!

  4. Excellent aged cheddar cheese. I will purchase more in the future.

  5. The gift basket was a big hit!

  6. Excellent, as always!

  7. The Big Cheese makes the best gifts. I always get rave reviews from the recipients, which is why I continue to gift this super cheesy gift every year.

  8. Biggest mistake of the order. I only ordered ONE!

  9. Already halfway through the case.. Will need to reorder soon

  10. My
    Gold Standard for Cheddar

  11. Great for just snacking.

  12. Best cheese. Great for just nibbling.

  13. Magnificent! Great with a Cabernet or Riesling. I made the most incredible pimiento cheese with this combined with the golden 13-year. Food for the Gods!

  14. The BEST! Ordered enough to give as gifts and spread the spread. On Wheat thins as nibbles with my evening vodka on the rocks.

Only one way to know if it’s as gouda as they say!

Our aged Wisconsin cheddar cheeses are exquisitely sharp and perfectly creamy, with a hint of salt. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy cheese and cheese does trigger dopamine production in your brain.