Our Bigger Box is the perfect companion for any celebration!

Try our delicious cheese in cheddar, spread, and popcorn form! And you can’t end a “meal” without something sweet, so we threw in some local Wisconsin chocolate that is just as bold as our aged cheddar!

It’s a little bit of everything we have to offer – we like to think of it as our A-moos-Bouche Box (get it?) – but don’t you worry, it’s most definitely big enough for a bold time.

Our Bigger Box Includes:
Big Cheese Gift Box
7 oz block of 11-year Aged White Cheddar
7 oz block of 13-year Aged White Cheddar
7 oz block of 16-year Aged White Cheddar
16 oz Big Cheese Aged White Cheddar Spread
3 oz Bag White Cheddar Popcorn
3 oz Bag Golden Cheddar Popcorn
1.5 oz Mayana Gourmet Chocolate Bar