Pimento Cheese Promotion

We’re taking our Wisconsin cheddar on a road trip to the South! Wanna come?

Step One: Use promo code PIMENTO and save 25% off 15 oz and 2.5 lb. blocks of Wicked White Cheddar and Glorious Golden Cheddar. That includes our 15 oz white and cheddar block party!

Step Two: Make our brand-new, udder-ly delicious Pimento Cheese recipe, featuring both kinds of cheese! (Step 2.5 is eat the delicious cheese.)

Step Three: Take pictures and send them to social@thebigcheese.com and we will send you a coupon for 50% off your next purchase!

Step Four: We’ll be sharing your posts all month on social media! See yourself on the Big Cheese screen.

The Big Cheese Pimento Promotion