The Big Cheese Tailgating Tips

August 14, 2023

by The Big Cheese

The Big Cheese Tailgating Tips

Tailgating, that cherished and time-honored tradition, is HERE!

What’s not to love? Friends, families, and strangers come together, adorned in team colors, to show off their culinary skills and team spirit. Maybe you’re new to the tailgating game, or maybe you’re an expert looking to brush up on your skills. Huddle up, cheese lovers, we’ve got the tips you need for a touchdown of a tailgate.

Plan Ahead
We know, we know – planning can be a drag, but it makes the difference between a haphazard, soggy, perhaps slightly moldy tailgating moment and a game-winning experience.

Smells Like Team Spirit
Deck out your tailgate area in team colors, flags, banners, and jerseys. Show off your team pride and encourage (mostly) friendly rivalry with neighboring tailgaters. This one might go without saying, but it’s critical!

The Glory of the Grill
Grilling is a tailgating essential. Pack a portable grill and bring a variety of goodies to create mouthwatering grilled delights. Maybe that’s burgers, hot dogs, some veggies – but our totally unbiased opinion is to smother each and every thing with The Big Cheese.

Cheese is the MVP
Grab our cheese spread – we have three flavors! – and some crackers and veggies. Pop some of our popcorn in a bowl for easy snacking. Slice up Wicked White or Glorious Golden aged cheddar and serve it on a game day charcuterie board. We promise you’ll be the MVP of the tailgate with a little (or a lot) of The Big Cheese.

Finger Foods
Opt for easy-to-eat finger foods like sliders, wings, kebabs, and sandwiches. They’re perfect for mingling.

Keep it Chill (and Hydrated)
Keep drinks cold by bringing a cooler filled with ice. Consider freezing water bottles ahead of time to double as ice packs. This is also a great way to make sure that you and your pals are hydrated. Boring tip, we know, but it’s important!

Games Galore
Set up tailgate-friendly games like cornhole or ladder toss to keep the excitement and energy pumping between bites. The best part of this? Absolutely no need to be good at sports … we’ll leave that to the athletes in the stadium post-tailgate!

Set the (Musical) Mood
Create a playlist that sets the mood for your tailgate. Pump up the energy with game day anthems and classic hits. For an extra interactive bit of fun – hand over the aux to your tailgating team! Let them play their fave songs … but make sure they’ve got good taste!

Cleanliness is Close to Cheesiness: Bring trash bags for easy cleanup. Leave your tailgate area as clean as you found it to show respect for the venue, your team, and fellow fans. As campers know – leave it better than you found it!

The most important tip – and one that you already know – is have a blast! We’re all about community here at The Big Cheese, and tailgating is a fantastic way to celebrate that.

Did we forget anything? Send us your best tailgating tips – along with a picture of your latest tailgate – and not only will we share it on social media, you’ll get 50% off your next order from The Big Cheese!


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