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This cheese is so mature it’s been through graduate school, has traveled the world, and seen some sh*t. So sharp, you’ll need gloves to eat it.



Nearly 20 years ago, a cabal of Wisconsin cheesemakers came together under the cloak of darkness to concoct the sharpest cheddar ever. They succeeded in their quest but deemed the world too benign at that time to truly enjoy their curds. So they locked the cheese away, awaiting a day when society teetered on the precipice of insanity and desperately needed an impossibly sharp cheddar.

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  1. Patrick Day

    xcelent !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike B. (Cheddar Sensei)

    This was the first time that I have ever “really” tasted legit cheddar. The texture and sharpness was like nothing I have ever had before. I bought this to give out to my Jiu Jitsu bros as a gift and I quickly felt the loss of running out of my supply. I have savored every remaining crumbly slice since. That being said the Dojo was more than grateful and happy to promote me to at least a Cheddar Black Belt for my cheese prowess.

  3. Kelley

    Practically all the food (I am an easy mark – see it, want it, get it, regret it hugely) I order from Facebook has been not good, some outright bad. LOL But this cheese is thankfully not one of the failures to please. My husband is a New Hampshire grown cheddar cheese snob. I bought this for his only Christmas present. He adored it! And so oddly, I, a lifelong blue cheese lover, just adored this cheddar too! You have not lived until]you have this cheddar on a toasted cheese and thinly sliced London broil sandwich. I just ordered more. Yum yum yum. The taste is so bold, so rich, so everything!

  4. Amanda Gentine

    While I sadly didn’t get to eat any of the cheese I sent out for the holidays, all my peeps said it was amazing…the sharpest and brightest cheddar they’ve ever tasted! All the beautiful qualities that make a sharp cheddar are at their peak in The Big Cheese. If I didn’t live overseas I’d have a few blocks coming to my house!

  5. Matt

    The verdict is in. Waay better than I expected. Extra extra sharp. Wow. That is the sharpest cheese I think I’ve ever eaten. Bites like a strong blue cheese but with the flavor of an incredible cheddar. Moist, yet has a nice crumble. If you want a really strong and savory cheese I highly recommend. What a treat. I was a little skeptical because I never heard of your brand, but I thought I’d give you a try because you only had one product. A company that can be successful with only one product must have the best of that product. It’s perfect and I will order again.

  6. paul dodsworth


  7. Jess

    I got my cheese today. It’s absolutely delicious. It has a nice grainy, sandy texture to start, and almost melts in your mouth at the first bite. It’s absolutely super sharp and definitely tastes like a mature, well-aged cheese.

  8. Kay Jones

    After reading all of these responses, I only need to know one thing! Where in the heck can I buy it?

  9. Mark Williams

    Tom, It will call your name. Very addictive. Not for the cheese faint-of-heart. Makes my old ‘go-to CB sharp’ a thing of the past. No regrets other than I should have gone Bigger. Life is short; use your good silverware, drink fine wine and chip on the BigCheese. The rest will take care of itself. Maybe a crusty bread , just sayn

  10. mark

    This is some really good sharp cheddar cheese. Great flavor!!


    This Cheddar is AWESOME!!!!!

  12. Drew

    I gave the 5 lb. as a gift to my daughter for her birthday. The family all tried and my 10 year old grandson said he was in heaven!

  13. Andy

    This cheese exceeded all expectations. Smooth, creamy, excellent for eating and cooking.

  14. Bruce

    Some of the best cheese going. Just put it away. Great grilled cheese, Hell this stuff is great on brownies and hot fudge sauce.

  15. Mike George


  16. Shirley Maddox

    absolutely these some of the best cheeses Cheese I have ever ate. Fantastically cured!!!

  17. Steve Miller

    Best cheese I had cheese like this before. Been looking for it for about 30 years. The big cheese is the best. You have a customer for life. Thank You for producing a great sharp cheese.

  18. Steve King

    To be honest….I’m sooo tempted to say “don’t even think about trying this cheese” … simply to ensure my own uninterrupted personal supply, but that wouldn’t be kind. The truth is “it’s the best damn cheese I’ve ever had!!!!” And it really is “sharp as shit”, but in a very good way! So people, I’m sharing my view – you simply gotta try this cheese, like right freaking now. But when you order – please don’t order mine! Leave Steve’s Big Cheese supply alone! Get your own….enjoy!
    PS. If this review accepted pics, I’d even share my pic in my very own Big Cheese hat! Yea – I own one and wear it proudly. Get your own!

  19. Kevin Aldrich

    The cheese was very good and worth the money

  20. Michael

    We are cheese people in our family. The cheese plate on the kitchen table before dinner is a staple. Hands down this is the best cheddar I have ever had! Buckle up and welcome to the big leagues when you try this stuff, not to be missed!

  21. walker friend

    It is way better then expected. It actually tastes like extra sharp cheddar cheese. Very firm texture, which is expected with aged cheese. The texture is perfect! Love this cheese. I would definitely buy this again.

  22. Kimball Boykin

    Best I have ever had. Definitely let it come to room temperature. Many more flavors are released. I gifted a block and I will not describe what he said because it would violate community standards. Suffice it to say, he was a very happy man.

  23. Cary Boykin

    This cheese has ruined my taste for cheap, bland cheddar. Roll out some more!

  24. Tony Carlotto

    Big cheese delivered today. Got right into it. For someone who is never at a loss for words, I was speechless! For all you procrastinators, ORDER NOW!!! Before I buy it all up. It took me 68 years to find the most incredible cheese ever!!

  25. Brian Lansberry

    A good sharp cheddar was hard to find until now. My search is over, thanks.

  26. Heidi Belitz

    Being a granddaughter of a cheese maker, we grew up knowing what good cheese is. I purchased two 5-pound blocks for Christmas gifts this year. They were a huge hit. The taste and texture were superb. Thanks for making gift giving a joy this year.

  27. Margaret Barry

    Best cheddar I have ever had! Unique taste and perfect level of sharpness that only Wisconsin can do – I highly encourage everyone to try it, don’t let the size intimidate you, gives you more to share and more for yourself if you are a cheese love like me. All of my friends gave it two thumbs up as well.

  28. Ralph Dickman

    Full of flavor with a sharp edge, but not so strong as to overwhelm its subtleties. This is a cheese not easily replicated. I recommend it highly.

  29. Kathy E

    I love it! It’s best paired with Cabernet, and I’ve made mac and cheese with it!! It is wonderful!

  30. Amber Grundy

    My husband and I managed to purchase blocks of The Big Cheese for each other this holiday season! We got a good laugh out of that. The cheese is excellent and we’ve loved sharing it with friends and family. Will definitely purchase again in the future!

  31. Frederick R Harris Jr

    Really awesome cheese, the sharpness is perfect. I put some on a Smithfield ham sandwich. it was perfect!

  32. Tyler

    I didn’t realize how much I loved cheddar until I tried the Big Cheese. It works in every recipe and pairs perfectly with a Bordeaux, Cab Franc, or dry Pinot. Top quality cheddar!

  33. Molly Sherman

    absolutely wonderful – everyone loved it!

  34. Tom Thurmon

    I can get MUCH better cheddar, locally. River Rat to be specific. Unimprssed. Disappointed. Sorry. Expected more.

    • Josh G

      Hi Tom – I’m sorry to hear that The Big Cheese didn’t live up to your expectations. We’re proud of our cheese but we understand that every taste bud is different. Glad you have found a cheese locally that you enjoy! – Josh

  35. Julia Hamilton

    Loved this cheese the best Ive had in a long time. Shared with my son he says ” This is the bestest cheese its so yummy”. The company went above and beyond for me to get my delivery in a timely manner. Will order again for sure!

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