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This cheese is so mature it’s been through graduate school, has traveled the world, and seen some sh*t. So sharp, you’ll need gloves to eat it.



Nearly 20 years ago, a cabal of Wisconsin cheesemakers came together under the cloak of darkness to concoct the sharpest cheddar ever. They succeeded in their quest but deemed the world too benign at that time to truly enjoy their curds. So they locked the cheese away, awaiting a day when society teetered on the precipice of insanity and desperately needed an impossibly sharp cheddar.

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  1. Jack

    Best Cheddar ever!

  2. Lucy Tisdale

    Sorry, I was disappointed. I really expected the cheese to be loaded with calcium lactate crystals. I knew it was not quite right when it sliced, rather than crumbled. Flavor is good, just not what I was looking for.

    • Josh

      Hi Lucy – I’m sorry to hear that! We’ll be launching our 15-year cheddar later this year – hopefully that one will be sharp enough for you! – Josh

  3. Mic Lowther

    Best cheese I ever tasted. Won’t buy anything else from now on.

  4. Cindy T

    I had tried some from a friend and my husband and I both loved it. When that ran out we just had to order our own.

  5. Alan Hoffman

    It’s ok. Smooth, no bite, salty.

  6. Michael Losiniecki

    This cheese is ridiculously good! Just think of the care it’s been under for all these years! What were you doing the last 13 years while this cheese was aging to perfection?! #therealdeal

  7. Rick

    Just tried the big cheese 🧀. Great flavor! Paired with some smoked steelhead and crackers. Too good!

  8. Lamont

    Tried it loved it and will reorder! Tingles
    Your tongue!

  9. DD

    No Shit Big Cheese is the best am really loving this cheese and will order again thank s

  10. Todd ODonnell

    I am starting a collection of aged cheddars.i havent opened yours as of yet. My moms cousin is a qc inspector for Cabot and I have some from him a few years ago that I haven’t opened yet either. I recently purchased some 15 year old Wisconsin cheddar that was sold out ofnew York. Its very creamy but not too sharp. The salt is crystallized and its yummy ..I really like super sharp cheeses. Thats why I bought yours.

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