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This cheese is so mature it’s been through graduate school, has traveled the world, and seen some sh*t. So sharp, you’ll need gloves to eat it.



Nearly 20 years ago, a cabal of Wisconsin cheesemakers came together under the cloak of darkness to concoct the sharpest cheddar ever. They succeeded in their quest but deemed the world too benign at that time to truly enjoy their curds. So they locked the cheese away, awaiting a day when society teetered on the precipice of insanity and desperately needed an impossibly sharp cheddar.

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  1. J Lee

    Seriously, this cheese is phenomenal. I’ve grown up on cheese and have tried just about everything out there, for an amazing aged cheddar this is the standard by which I will measure all the others.

  2. karen gallo

    Your cheddar is AMAZING! Tasted it at Philly Love Park, Christmas Village. Ordered it from home for myself and my 87 year old father. He is very picky about cheese and he loves it. 40lbs of your cheese would be even more AMAZING!

  3. Laura

    After sharing The Big Cheese with my family over the holidays, I’m now responsible for a few new Big Cheese addicts! Super sharp but easy to eat, we loved it with crackers and wine but also found that it was delicious melted over roasted potatoes. We even threw it on the raclette, melted it, and poured it over a ribeye – AMAZING! The Big Cheese is the best cheese!

  4. Steve V

    Delicious cheese. Couldn’t get enough. Pairs well with beer, wine or whiskey. Crumbly but held up well in beautiful broken uneven cuts from the block. A salty, earthly granular bite with a sharp intense flavor and dense but creamy texture. Meat, bread, fruit all became secondary afterthoughts there on my plate only for the presentation. Great job Josh, thank you.

  5. Benjamin Sherburne

    First taste brought back Childhood memories of the sharp cheese my mother would buy at the market. I highly recommend!

  6. Isabelle

    For being aged 12 years, I was expecting this cheese to be extremely crystalized! To my surprise it was not. However, do not let that fool you. This cheese is definitely “sharp as sh*t cheddar” and maintains a fairly creamy texture with some crystallization throughout. I enjoyed pairing it with a sweet crisp apple, like honey crisp. Absolutely tasty. Thanks for the cheesy goodness.

  7. Tony A

    This cheese was fantastic! A wow factor. Great with a port wine or other red wine. My wife and I consider this our private stash and not for sharing…

  8. Bromleigh Burton

    This cheese took me back to my youth when my parents would return from their annual trip to Canada. Don’t know if my brothers and I were more happy to see them or that our supply of that delicious aged canadian cheese had once again arrived. This cheese is by far the best cheddar cheese. Our son happened on a market in the DC area where the Big Cheese was being sold … best 5 pound Christmas surprise ever on Christmas Eve! The entire family enjoyed it and to me it was so reminiscent of ‘ that special cheese ‘ of long ago. Aged to perfection and so incredibly good!

  9. Ted Remington

    These people do understatement quite well. This is not great cheese, thios is ten times greater than grate. (I had to sayit!) My wife saws off little chunks and lets them melt in her mouth. I will be buying more, I promise. Even if Josh never responded to my email with about a dozen cheese puns!

    • Josh G

      Hey Ted – Sorry you never curd back from me – my inbox had whey too many emails! I love that you love The Big Cheese. It’s always gouda to meet a fellow lover of grate cheese and cheddar puns! Don’t brie a stranger! – Josh

  10. Steve Mace

    Excellent product. Quick shipping. Great packaging. Will purchase again.

  11. Bart Ricks

    a Five Star product, I love properly aged Chedder Cheese when its done right, and this is done Right!! will reorder shortly, Love the Big Cheese!

  12. bryan beauchamp

    Unbelievable cheese. Used for cheese boards, chili and for snacks.

  13. Wesley Combs

    The Big Cheese’s cheddar is truly amazing and unlike any I have tried. It is creamy yet sharp and is great with crackers or by itself. Two big thumbs up!!!

  14. Sandi Green

    Awesome!!! I introduced our golf friends to WI “big cheese” on NYE.
    Served it with Kalmata olives. Delicious-

  15. Anthony

    We enjoyed it so much, We’ve ordered 2 blocks for ourselves and another to gift. We will be ordering more! Orders come quickly and communication is excellent. We highly recommend

  16. Christopher

    This was the biggest hit as a gift for the holidays. Glad that I ordered another for myself too! :O

  17. Niki Zohrab

    My first Big Cheese purchase was for a Christmas gift. Fortunately the recipients were more than willing to share, and not because they didn’t like it, simply because they’re good people. And was I happy about that!! The cheese was everything I had hoped – it is sharp and has bite, but not enough to leave a permanent mark. So I kept going back for more, and more, and was told that I needed to buy another block that wouldn’t be gifted. And so I have for an upcoming event. Looking forward to digging into that sucker and enjoying it again.

    Well done Josh and co! Looking forward to more in the near future.

  18. Rhonda

    D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, perfectly sharp, cheddar cheese! I am always searching for a good, sharp cheddar and this fits the bill! Great on toast but even better to cut off a slice and eat it. Thank you for making this wonderful cheese!

  19. Jill

    Best sharp cheese!!!!

  20. Warren Vesty

    Best tasting cheese I’ve had in a long, long time.

  21. Todd

    Excellent!! Love the sharpness with the occasional crunch of the crystals. Really delicious!!!

  22. Michael G Honer

    I eat this wonderful cheddar alone or with plain crackers. A very distinctive flavor. I recently bought a 2 lb block and it is almost ALL gone!

  23. Kurt Blaha

    I’ll be honest, I was reluctant to buy because of the price…..wow, was I wrong. This cheese is better than other much more expensive varieties. It is worth twice the price, don’t deprive yourself…..you are worthy of this experience !

  24. patricia pickens

    This cheddar was tops! It was the apotheosis* of all cheddar tastings for my while. Brittle, with a few little crystals. Perfect taste: creamy, sharp, amazing! (*the highest point in the development of something; culmination) It was the climax of all my cheddar trials and searches.

  25. Matthew E Moran

    Big Times require Big Cheese and Wisconsin did not disappoint. We put our 40 lb block of cheddar on the coffee table at Christmas and our guests didn’t see the forest for the cheese. Only when we encouraged noshing did they feel confident enough to chip away like East Germans at the Berlin Wall. It’s now a month later and we are running low on the best cheese ever!

  26. Chas Grundy

    I bought a block for my wife for her birthday in December, as we both love super-sharp Cheddars. When she opened it, she threw back her head and cackled. Then she looked me in the eye and told me that she’d bought a block for me for Christmas. So we went double Big Cheese. And I’m so glad we did, because this stuff is fantastic. We couldn’t wait to try it and we were not disappointed.

    A mere sliver of this glorious aged curd is enough to send fireworks of flavor through your entire being. But if you want a slightly bigger bite, you’ll enjoy an adventure in cheese that you simply must experience. It begins with the familiar tangy blast of sharp cheddar you know and love, crumbling as you begin to chew. Soon your eyes will widen as you discover intense crystals of calcium lactate, a salt that forms in the making of Cheddar. Suddenly, the entire journey gives way to velvety ecstasy as it melts away in your mouth. Finally, the sense of loss sets in as you swallow and realize the ride is over. Worry not, there’s always more cheese – until there isn’t. But why let it get to that point? We plan on restocking before that day comes, that’s for damn sure.

  27. Ron Shipley

    I loved it so much I came Back ! Great Cheese , I will return when near end of what I have

  28. Ann Sturzl

    Very happy with this sh*t sharp cheese company. They were quick in sending our gifts out and most importantly, our friends LOVED the cheese.

  29. Michael A Freels

    This cheddar is the real deal! Fantastic! Best cheddar I’ve had in my life…and I’ve had a LOT!

  30. Barbara Hench

    Loved this cheese. We got the 2.5 pounder and it didn’t last long. Shipping and packaging were great. Great company and even better cheese.

  31. David Howard

    I’ve used it on crackers, broccoli and cheese and in my Mac and cheese. Delicious! I was delivered fast and in premier packaging. Simply the best anywhere!

  32. Nick M

    Absolutely loved the product! The cheese is amazing and unlike anything else you can find at your local grocery store! Awesome packaging – great for gifting!


    The cheese was amazing, a challenge to cut in small pieces any professional advise would be great as to the easiest way to cut.
    Have shared with family and friends and looks like I may be getting you more business. Cannot say enough about the flavor.
    Thank you for this wonderful product.

  34. Mike

    Definitely the go-to cheddar in our house now and worth every penny. Keep it coming!

  35. Frank BICKER

    Sharpest cheddar ever! Great taste and texture. Shipping was quick and cheese arrived cool and protected.

  36. Tom Jones

    It was awesome. Shared it with friends and neighbors and they loved it and wanted to know where we got it. Still had plenty left over for use with mac ‘n cheese, omelets and so many other dishes. Melts great but, even better, it is the best-tasting cheddar I’ve ever had.

  37. reed

    Great cheese and friendly sales people

  38. Brian Samuel

    What a tasty cheddar! I got to try this at a market in DC and absolutely enjoyed it!

  39. Joey C.

    This cheese is amazing! We found it at the Christmas Festival in Washington DC and it was some of the best cheese I’ve ever had. Awesome company and very friendly team too, we got free shirts! 🙂

  40. Linda

    My husband and I have managed to polish off a lot of Big Cheese Cheddar over the past few months. We love extra-sharp cheddar and this is perhaps the best we have ever tasted. The flavor is ultra-tangy and complex. The texture is slightly crystalized — not too much, just enough. It made a great gift for friends and family this past holiday season. Thanks, Big Cheese! This is an excellent product!

  41. Laura

    Very good cheese

  42. Liza

    This is seriously some of the best, sharpest cheddar I’ve ever tasted….so good that my husband and I have managed to polish off three 2.5 blocks in under two months.

  43. Jonathan Simon

    This is serious cheese — sharp, flavorful, firm, with a great texture. More than anything, the flavor hits you with that gorgeous sharp twang, and then it lingers, showing its age. We dont melt or cook with this cheese — it’s too yummy. We just eat it straight or with a bit of jam on the homemade crackers. On top of everything, the Big Cheese keeps very well in teh refrigerator, lasting many weeks with a parchment paper cover over the exposed end and then sealed inside a zipper bag. We love it!

  44. Abby

    Yum! Really delicious and extra sharp – my new favorite.

  45. Cynthia

    It really is sharp as sh*t! This cheese is fantastic, and if you eat it with a little jam it balances it so well

  46. Julie Bobb

    The big cheese is perfect for those cheese/charcuterie lovers! It’s perfectly aged with small crunchy crystals and some good funk. We’ve shared our blocks with friends and sneak a bite for a snack during the day! We just love it!

  47. Larry and Carol Strom

    We sampled The Big Cheese at a Christmas Craft Show while in Washington, DC and we LOVED it!!!! I ordered my Bride a 21/2 pound block as one of her Gifts. It is delicious and we highly recommend it!!! We will be ordering more in the near future!!

  48. Denise Ola

    Absolutely delightful cheese! Amazing flavor!!!!

  49. Alison Taylor

    Having had the big cheese extra sharp cheddar I was very pleasantly surprised. I have been looking for the taste of “home” (home being England) and this cheese was it for me. It has the nutty sharp crumbly texture that I miss and love. The only problem I had was stopping my husband and son from eating it all! Eaten on its own is divine, strong flavor verses melt in the mouth was so apparent, my husband preferred it on stone wheat thins, my son with bacon and egg sandwiches and we also used it to top our vege chili. Really complemented the spice. Very well done. Finally a decent cheese that leave a wonderful experience in your mouth!!

  50. Allison Lu

    Really good and sharp. Not much of a cheese person, but definitely enjoyed this one.

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