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This cheese is so mature it’s been through graduate school, has traveled the world, and seen some sh*t. So sharp, you’ll need gloves to eat it.



Nearly 20 years ago, a cabal of Wisconsin cheesemakers came together under the cloak of darkness to concoct the sharpest cheddar ever. They succeeded in their quest but deemed the world too benign at that time to truly enjoy their curds. So they locked the cheese away, awaiting a day when society teetered on the precipice of insanity and desperately needed an impossibly sharp cheddar.

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  1. Amy

    Tried a sample and I LOVE sharp cheese and this was the best!

  2. Raiza

    I wouldn’t say I’m a diehard cheese eater….but that is changing. Normally I’d walk past the cheese aisle. But when I saw this shinny gold and black mega block at winter market: I had to try it. Best decision I’ve ever made for my snacking!

  3. Chris

    This is the best cheese that I’ve ever tasted – period. It’s fantastic paired with anything or by itself. I think it is best melted!

  4. Robin Kish

    Definitely can tell this cheese is unlike any other. It is so smooth and sharp. I cannot wait to try more.

  5. Laura

    Amazing!! I’m sorry I didn’t buy myself one as a holiday gift. My stepdad couldn’t get enough and continues to rave about the nutty, sharpness of The Big Cheese.

  6. James Konigsberg

    Staff was super friendly and the product was delicious!

  7. Shannon Cassidy

    It’s the best cheese I’ve tasted. It tastes real not like the kind you get in the stores. Awesome with mac-n-cheese, or just cheese and crackers.

  8. Dana Lev-Ran

    So good and super sharp. Pairs well with pretty much anything and always a crowd pleaser

  9. Sarah

    Huge fan of this cheese! I have always been a cheese fanatic and the texture of this cheese was perfect for me

  10. Len Roshak

    This is the best most sharp cheddar I have tasted. Ordering my second block since the holiday. Glad I found it.

  11. Dennice walker smith

    Like it

  12. Kris

    LOVE this cheese. It was a lucky find right before the holidays. Picked some up for my fam and gifted a few friends with some direct delivery to their doorsteps. The flavor is AMAZING — worth every penny. My favorite is pairing with a bit of sweet fig spread on crackers and bread. YUM. I need this on auto-ship.

  13. Mark M.

    It has a mild to medium, ripe aroma, with a sharp, robust flavor of sharp cheddar.

  14. Annya

    Refined, elegant, it’s a classy little cheddar!

  15. Katherine R.

    The Big Cheese is so so delicious. It is incredibly sharp and I loved the cheese crystals as an added texture. We paired it with wine and our guests commented on the unique flavors and particular sharpness. We also used it to make grilled cheese (I am not sure if that is “okay” with such a fancy cheese, but IT WAS THE BEST). I also ate it with fig jam and the two flavors were so yummy together.

  16. Anna C.

    We shared our “Big Cheese” gift with everyone that visited us last week and everyone loved it!! It was a huge hit. The flavor is phenomenal. Our 4 year old snuck some (we didn’t want to share b/c it’s so good) and he loves it too.

  17. Nancy

    Outstanding cheddar, great flavor, super sharp. Put it out as an appetizer with other cheeses and it was the first one gone.

  18. Cary B.

    It was well received by my family and all agreed that it’s the perfect cheese to plate on a charcuterie board.

  19. Linsey M.

    Sooooooo good I could eat the whole block in one sitting.

  20. Casey T.

    Wow! A truly mouth-watering, tangy, sharp cheddar cheese that keeps me coming back for more!

  21. Jim

    First had with family on Thanksgiving as an appetizer and it disappeared before the five other apps were touched!

  22. Cary Q.

    This is the best sharp cheddar I think I’ve had. It’s got a great bite like sharp cheddars have, but what sets it apart is how creamy and smooth it is. Most sharp cheddars have a more grainy consistency. This is both smooth and sharp- a huge crowd pleaser for any cheddar fan!

  23. Meghan L.

    Imagine a cheese that is as bold and flavorful as the wine you’re pairing it with. The big cheese delivers in taste, complexity and texture. It’s unlike any cheese I have tasted before. It’s amazing on it’s own, but I can’t wait to try it as a grilled cheese!

  24. Monica K.

    Wow!! We really enjoyed it! The Big Cheese is sharp, creamy and would be perfectly paired with a crispy Lager or sliced apples. Loved it!

  25. Greg N.

    Tried the Big Cheese straight up and with crackers – great either way

  26. Margy S.

    Wonderful! A very savory experience. A ton of umami. I couldn’t stop eating it…it’s very deliciously addictive! Who needs a meal when you have this cheese and some great crackers and fruit?!

  27. David W.

    I appreciate great cheese. This is one of the most tasteful, rich sharp cheddars I’ve ever had.

  28. Matt and Jazmin S.

    We couldn’t stop eating this cheese! It was delicious!! Creamy, slightly salty, and smooth- it was perfection. We decided to share the block with our family and now wish we had saved it just for ourselves!

  29. Maureen

    The cheese was absolutely delicious! The sharpness of the cheddar mixed with a slight sweetness was a perfect combination. The richness and texture of the cheese was excellent as well. I truly enjoyed every bite and can’t wait to try using it in various recipes!

  30. Andrew G.

    The only thing I like more than cheese, is sharp cheese… and this was some seriously sharp cheddar!

  31. Betsy B.

    I loved this cheese

  32. Nicole R.

    I really enjoyed this cheese alone, on crackers and in my morning scramble! I would love more.

  33. Sarah W.

    It is a flavorful, delicious cheese. Seems like a crowd pleaser and easy to serve.

  34. Kristen F.

    The cheese is delicious! Everyone I shared it with enjoyed it. It is great stand-alone, but is also terrific with wine, crackers, olives, etc.

  35. Lane E.

    This cheese is incredible! A complex and tangy flavor experience for the tastebuds.

  36. Christie E.

    This cheddar is one to remember! Eaten alone or on a cracker, I was a satisfied snacker!

  37. Anthea W.

    Talk about an incredible cheddar! Extremely smooth, extremely sharp, the purest cheddar taste. I can’t wait to make a grilled cheese with it, or realistically just keep snacking on it straight!

  38. Jacqueline

    It was BIG and SHARP! I’m a cheese lover, and thought the cheese was rich, creamy with a bitter bite at the end. The bitterness held on for some time post bite but finished nicely overall.

  39. Randi B.

    Soooooooo good

  40. Melissa C.

    After the first bite I wanted more & more, tasty!

  41. Noelle W.

    It has a complex deep flavor….changing as it lingers on your taste buds. Love the mature sharpness! It’s the perfect centerpiece for a few besties, a bonfire, a bottle of cab and catching up on the last year. Cheers!

  42. Wesley C.

    Wow! This is really good cheese. It is really sharp-forward. It is crumbly but in my mouth it is creamy. It is great on a whole wheat cracker too. I would definitely serve this to friends especially if they are cheese lovers.

  43. Mary K.

    Our power was out so a cheese delivery was a welcome treat! I ended up enjoying it so much, I skipped dinner! We even enjoyed it on it’s own – did not need to dress it up at all.

  44. Jose R.

    I love the smell of the cheese. It was just strong enough where you knew you were about to taste something amazing but not too strong (I don’t care much for blue cheeses). It crumbled so easy in your hands but I was surprised and how it literally melted in your mouth. The longer the cheese sat in your mouth the better the flavor got. I don’t think I’ve had that experience before with other cheeses or at least that I could notice it. Although we tried the cheese by itself to get the full flavor, I can’t wait to see what I can cook with it.

  45. Amotz & Shanah S.

    It’s like upgrading your favorite brand experience to the VIP club. You know what you’re getting- cheddar cheese. But it’s a whole new level of cheddar cheese.

  46. Cal B.

    Delicious. Restored my faith in cheddar. Creamy and rich

  47. Alex O.

    Way better than the cheddar from the grocery.

  48. Rachael and John

    We love how crumbly it is, has very crystals (not too much), love how creamy it is on the tongue. It’s nice and sharp and paired well with our rosemary crackers

  49. Dan A.

    The cheese was great, perfect for a citrus forward IPA or a dry cider. Cut a nice hunk off and enjoyed it all afternoon! I’d definitely order more!

  50. Whitney

    Delicious! Distinct from other Cheddars I’ve had before. It’s almost sour tasting, and really good alone or with crackers.

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