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This cheese is so mature it’s been through graduate school, has traveled the world, and seen some sh*t. So sharp, you’ll need gloves to eat it.



Nearly 20 years ago, a cabal of Wisconsin cheesemakers came together under the cloak of darkness to concoct the sharpest cheddar ever. They succeeded in their quest but deemed the world too benign at that time to truly enjoy their curds. So they locked the cheese away, awaiting a day when society teetered on the precipice of insanity and desperately needed an impossibly sharp cheddar.

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  1. michael m mullen

    Happy to have found your site…….great deal and a very high quality aged cheddar….almost time to reorder. your have a long term customer here. Thank-you————–M Mullen

  2. Tony Carlotto

    I get to write another review cuz I just got another 40. This cheese is the best way to spread peace, love, happiness and huge cheesy smiles around the planet. I’ve taken to giving it away to folks so they can experience a true treat. Just start by treating yourself!!

  3. John Spencer

    I just received my second 5 lb block of aged cheddar. It is really the sharpest cheddar I have ever had, and it has a nice texture flavor, and aftertaste. It is heaven on a hamburger and great for a sampler try. It crumbles when cut and has delicious crystals because of its age. I like Gouda aged over 4 years and other super aged cheeses, and this is the best cheddar anywhere.

  4. Jeffrey Brothers

    I love all of your cheeses, but the 13 year aged cheddar is the ultimate cheese experience.

  5. Chris Burtzloff

    Delicious, a coupon or discount for the next block would be nice.

  6. Judy Waniorek

    Soooo good – fantastic flavor, texture… the whole cheese-eating experience. Also a shout out to Jeremy for excellent customer service – I was ordering last minute for a Father’s Day gift and he went above and beyond in meeting me for a hand delivery rather than shipping (I’m local), to be sure I had it on time. Will definitely order more and recommend to friends!


    M mother said it reminds her of the cheese that her father used to buy. We liked it so much that I placed orders for a few people on 6/13/21.

  8. Mitch Dowdingm

    Absolutely outstanding, been a cheese whore as long as I can remember (64 now) I have home made to Amish as well as back roads party store extra sharp cheese and I complement them all for their efforts, but this 13 year old extra has sharp has the best elevated taste in a small bit, its like blowing up a balloon of flavor till it plateaus and then chase it with a sip of ICE COLD BEER for a second round of flavor that mates well with each other. Well done.

  9. Joel

    Excellent cheese, if the don’t love this cheese. Their just too damn picky!!

  10. Preskit Jim

    Well Josh your right. You need to “SHARPEN UP OUR GAME”. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t find any cheddar cheese that is as “sharp” as I remember it. 60 years ago when a boy my father bought sharp cheddar that was so dry and a bit crumbly & it could be left unrefrigerated without molding. Crackers were a must otherwise the skin on the roof of your month was in jeopardy. That was SHARP cheese – WHERE has it gone ???? Your Big Cheese is as good as the myriad of others that I have tried; BUT it truly isn’t sharp. Sharp cheese doesn’t leave oil on the plate at room temp. That oil should have be absorbed into the crystals. It doesn’t melt in your mouth – it jumps around wanting to be chewed! I’m pleased that some people find The Big Cheese exceptional & maybe some one will help me find a really SHARP Cheddar! 😭

  11. Phil Lindsay

    Wonderful sharp Cheddar. We love it with our favorite full bodied double IPA Brew!

  12. Rick

    Fantastic cheese.

  13. Ian Coyle

    This cheese is great, my wife got me some to try. It was so good I now ordered the larger block, it is near impossible to get sharp cheddar cheese in the USA. I was always having to get from the UK. But not now, this is so good

  14. David Hasler

    I can’t stop eating this cheese
    WOW nothing like I have tasted before in a cheese. Absolutely delicious

  15. Larry Wall

    Our family brought up on cheese,the sharper,the better,bought a 2.5# block & just purchased a 5# block to share for fathers day with our son’s families.

  16. Kristi Poler

    Great, full flavored cheddar!

  17. Michael Howard

    I tried a 2.5 pound block after reading an enthusiastic article online. The idea of a one up extra sharp white cheddar did intrigue me. My suggestion: if you want your purchase to last any time at all, don’t do like I did and put it out at family gatherings, and share it with friends, it will disappear very quickly. Rather, be like Gollum and hide it in the fridge in an incognito brussels sprouts container, while muttering madly “My Precious….” OK, yes, I exaggerate, but this is some seriously sharp excellent cheese.

  18. Tony Carlotto

    I have previously commented, but feel compelled to do it again. There is no doubt that The Big Cheese is GREAT! It can also make you great as it’s probably one of the best gifts that can be given. There is no reason needed to give this cheese as it is pure PLH. Peace, Love AND Happiness all rolled into one. Never forget the correct answer to “when is Mothers Day?” EVERY DAY! Same goes for Big Cheese giving. Making the world smile, one piece at a time. After my next 40 I will be in the 100 pound club.

  19. Arturo

    Delicious cheese

  20. glayd christensen

    great cheese!!!!!!!

  21. Richard Fisher

    Absolutely spectacular cheese. I’m a member of a cheese club here in my local community – and I’m telling everyone about this cheese. I will be reordering. So good !!!

  22. Chris Yura

    This cheese is amazing!! best cheese we have ever had, hands down

  23. Eric


  24. Jack

    Best Cheddar ever!

  25. Lucy Tisdale

    Sorry, I was disappointed. I really expected the cheese to be loaded with calcium lactate crystals. I knew it was not quite right when it sliced, rather than crumbled. Flavor is good, just not what I was looking for.

    • Josh

      Hi Lucy – I’m sorry to hear that! We’ll be launching our 15-year cheddar later this year – hopefully that one will be sharp enough for you! – Josh

  26. Mic Lowther

    Best cheese I ever tasted. Won’t buy anything else from now on.

  27. Cindy T

    I had tried some from a friend and my husband and I both loved it. When that ran out we just had to order our own.

  28. Alan Hoffman

    It’s ok. Smooth, no bite, salty.

  29. Michael Losiniecki

    This cheese is ridiculously good! Just think of the care it’s been under for all these years! What were you doing the last 13 years while this cheese was aging to perfection?! #therealdeal

  30. Rick

    Just tried the big cheese 🧀. Great flavor! Paired with some smoked steelhead and crackers. Too good!

  31. Lamont

    Tried it loved it and will reorder! Tingles
    Your tongue!

  32. DD

    No Shit Big Cheese is the best am really loving this cheese and will order again thank s

  33. Todd ODonnell

    I am starting a collection of aged cheddars.i havent opened yours as of yet. My moms cousin is a qc inspector for Cabot and I have some from him a few years ago that I haven’t opened yet either. I recently purchased some 15 year old Wisconsin cheddar that was sold out ofnew York. Its very creamy but not too sharp. The salt is crystallized and its yummy ..I really like super sharp cheeses. Thats why I bought yours.

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