Our Biggest Box will take centerstage at your next get-together! We start with 15 oz. each of our wicked white and gloriously golden cheddar, add a bag of each flavor of our popcorn (there’s honestly more cheese than corn in our pop), and finish with all the best accompaniments: delightfully seasoned pretzels, sweet & hot cheese mustard, two flavors of salami to please the most sophisticated of palates, and the cherry on top of this cheesy sundae, a bar of our favorite Wisconsin chocolate. This box will be the star of the show, but don’t worry about any drama, it plays well with udders.

Our Biggest Box includes:
15 oz 13-year White
15 oz 13-year Golden
3 oz White cheddar popcorn
3 oz Golden cheddar popcorn
5.5 oz II Porcellio Rosette de Lyon Salami
5.5 oz Il Porcellio Cacciatore Salami
4 oz Eastshore Seasoned Pretzels
5 oz Eastshore Stone Ground Cheese Mustard
3.5 oz Mayana Chocolate Bar Heavens to Bacon